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Expert Articles & Advice

Troubles Getting Your Dog Walking On a Leash? Here's What To Do!

Your pooch may be an adorable angel in every other way, but if proper behavior on-leash is not part of his repertoire, pleasant walks in the park and other outings may be out of the question. Walking on-leash is an integral part of your dog's training.

Winter Nutrition for Whitetails

Winter nutrition is very important for deer and the individuals that hunt them. Even though hunting season is typically during the colder months, during these months deer are in an energy deficit.


"Purina Party Poppers" Commercial/Music Video (All day I get bacon baby)

Are you ready to LET THE FUN FLY?! If so, then grab a canister of Beggin’ Party Poppers! Adult dogs everywhere are flipping, flopping and hopping for these high-flyin’ bacony dog treats. As if dogs didn’t go crazy enough for Beggin’s unrivaled taste of bacon, we took the fun to new heights…literally.